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Kimberly's Royal Poms

Hello, and welcome to Kimberly's Royal Poms.

I am located in San Diego, California and it is my pleasure to introduce to you my one true passion; my poms!

My poms are my children and I have devoted my whole life to their care and well being. Here at Kimberly's Royal Poms, my dogs live in my house with me, sleep in bed with me, and get the best of everything. Therefore, I do not house them in kennels as they are a part of our family and are truly treated like royalty!

Before I started producing litters of my own, I wanted to become fully educated in the field of breeding pomeranians. I did extensive research on my own and also had a couple of mentors who provided incredible valuable information. I was able to watch live births of my mentor's poms and was even able to assist if the opportunity presented itself. After my long hours of study and and learning, I finally felt well prepared to start having litters of my very own. All of my puppies are born and raised in my house in my puppy nursery just for them. They have heating pads and clean blankets and toys and all the love they deserve. When my puppies are fully weaned, have had a full vet check up by my wonderful vet Dr. Christine Wilson at Steele Canyon Vet Clinic in Jamul, and first puppy shot by her as well, they are ready for their new homes. This usually takes place at about 8 weeks of age.

All of my poms are CKC registered as well as their pups and the new owners are provided with their puppies immunization record, CKC registration papers, and a bag of goodies including a sample of food they are eating now and some other treats.

I am home all day with my dogs and pups as I am able to do this full time. I have always dreamed of being able to raise pomeranians and now my dream has come true and my life is complete!  I know everything about my poms and am fully educated in my field of breeding pomeranians! If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me anytime as I would be more than happy to help you! My e-mail address is

Thank you, Kimberly