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Merle Pomeranians

The Merle gene can be a complicated factor in the world of breeding. It is very important for breeders to understand every aspect of the Merle gene before producing Merles takes place. Researching and educating yourself about Merles will take time ad dedication, however, with complete knowledge you will be successful in the near fruture.

The Merle gene is a dominant gene therefore it only takes one parent to produce Merle puppies. You can NOT breed a Merle to a Merle due to the fact that the Merle color is a defected color of the color black and breeding two together with produce major defects. You can also never breed a Merle to a white or cream colored Pom. Breeding a Merle to a Merle or a Merle to a white or cream, will cause serious birth abnormalities such as blindness, deafness and even tragedies such as pups born with no eyes and/or ears. As you can see this is a serious matter and should be taken very delicately. When you breed a Merle to a non-Merle you will be successful. Even though the Merle gene is a defect of the color black, the Merle dog is not defective at all. A Merle Pom bred to a parti(two colors consisting of mostly pure white) is okay. So basically you can not breed a Merle to a Merle, or a Merle to a solid white or a solid cream.

When a Merle is bred to a non-Merle, half of the puppies in the litter will be Merle and the other half will be Merle factored. Merle factoring means they don't have any visible signs of being a Merle but one of their parents is a Merle, therefore they carry the Merle gene. Merle factored Pomeranians should also never be bred to a Merle. Some breeders think that by breeding a Merle factored to a Merle they will get all Merle puppies in the litter. The truth of the matter is that even though the Merle factored Pom does not indicate any visual signs of being a Merle, they are definitely considered a Merle due to the fact that one of their parents is a Merle.

Also, a Merle factored Pom often portrays the name of a cryptic or phantom Merle. The cryptic or phantom Merle is still considered a Merle and all new owners/breeders must be aware of this trait before attempting to breed. If you are planning to breed a cryptic or phantom Merle, it must always be bred to a non-Merle also excluding the color white or cream. This will avoid all defects and abnormailities of the Merle and Merle factored puppies.

It is very crucial to acquire the factual information about Merles before an individual decides to breed them. Merle's can be a complicated gene if one is not properly educated in the field of breeding them. However, with great expertise and complete understanding, Merle's are a delightful new addition to the line of Pomeranian colors!